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The Great Outdoors

There are things in the Great Outdoors that smell really, really bad. That’s why we keep them outside. For those times when you bring some of it inside, PowerOE is there to clean and eliminate the odors.


It’s the smell that everyone knows but nobody wants. Skunk. But PowerOE Odor Eliminator Spray puts skunk odor where it belongs: somewhere else.


Ever wished the smell of fish was the one that got away? PowerOE doesn’t just mask the odor of fish on your hands and clothes. It eliminates it.

Outdoor Odors...

How To Remove Fish Smell from Hands

Smelly hands? Try this! PowerOE Multi-Purpose Soap washes away stinky smells caused by cleaning, working, cooking and anything hands encounter that leaves lingering unpleasant odors. Free of dyes, heavy fragrances, and harsh chemicals.

How To Remove Carpet Odors | PowerOE

Stinky carpet? Try this! PowerOE Carpet Shampoo powerfully cleans dirty carpets and eliminates unwanted carpet odors from pets, food, and more. Free of nasty dyes, heavy fragrances and harsh chemicals. Safe to use in water-based carpet and upholstery cleaning machines.