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Trunk odors

When the junk in your trunk has resulted in a funk, toss a PowerOE Odor Eliminating Pouch in there and send the stink on a permanent vacation.


If smoke gets in your eyes and nose and everywhere else, spray a generous amount of PowerOE Odor Eliminator Spray inside the car for quick relief.

Milk spills

Even the smallest amount of 2% can produce 100% stink. Simply spray PowerOE Odor Eliminating All-Purpose Cleaner and wipe away. No need to cry!

Automotive Odors...

How to Get Rid of Smoke Smells

Where there's smoke there's stink! PowerOE odor eliminating spray is formulated to rapidly eliminate odors with all natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals, pollutants, dyes or heavy perfumes. Naturally scented with essential oils (except for Fragrance Free).